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Directory of Australian Architects
Directory of Australian Architects

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If you are an building firm engaged in residential and commercial construction and would like to know whether your firm is listed in the Directory of Australian Builders - Residential & Commercial please contact us and we will let you know. If you are not listed we will send you a form to complete for the next edition published.

Note that a 'partial listing' means we have your primary contact details and a 'full listing' means we have your areas of expertise and other information.

Registration of Builders

Please contact us to see if your firm is listed in the Directory of Australian Builders.

We will send the response to you at the listed email address.

DB Information Services
PO Box 773
Artarmon NSW 1570
Telephone: 02 9411 4819


"Just a quick note to express how amazing and invaluable your Builders Directory has proven to be for us. Absolutely brilliant work and worth every penny. We're sincerely thankful for your hard work creating the directory and your awesome friendly service! We've only had the directory 24 hours and in that time we've made contact with a number of builders directly and have picked up several new clients."

Gordon Sharplins | Energyworx

"I’ve asked around and I’ve been told yours is the best"

Scott Thompson -

Meet the publisher

Eral originally developed the database of Architect firms then later added the database of Australian Builders – selecting medium and large firms who build new constructions and a minimum of 3 new homes per year.

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